Lancaster Courthouse – Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s executed a search warrant and raided client’s house based on alleged involvement in “narcotic related activity.” Officers searched the house and found a loaded firearm. Client had previously been convicted of a strike and served prison time within the last 5 years. Based on the strike and prison prior client was not eligible for probation and/or county jail. Mr. Delahunt continuously rejected the 32 month prison offer and prepared for trial. Mr. Delahunt met with the head of the District Attorney’s Office and the Judge and convicted them to strike the strike (Romero Motion) for purposes of sentencing. The prosecutor reluctantly agreed and the case was settled for 90 days community service and probation. Penal Code 29800.




When I got charged with a felony, I was worried that my life would never be the same. Mr. Andrew Delahunt’s expertise and professionalism helped get my life back on track. During the consultation, all my stress felt at ease after Mr....

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Noteworthy cases

San Fernando Courthouse – Manufacturing Oil & Sales of Prescription Drug

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana), §11359 (sales of marijuana), §11379.6(a) (manufacturing of butane honey-oil), and §11351 (sales of a controlled substance). Client was facing several...

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