Riverside Courthouse – Marijuana DUI

Client was charged with vehicle code §23152(e), driving under the influence of marijuana. Police responded to a Jack in the Box regarding a male driver who fell asleep in the drive through line just after ordering his food. Officers arrived at the restaurant at 3 a.m. and the client was still sleeping. Officers woke the client up and conducted a DUI investigation. Police Officers searched the client’s vehicle and found a bong (smoking device) that had clearly just been used. Client failed the field sobriety tests, admitted to the police officer that he recently consumed cannabis, and had over 8 nanograms of THC in his system. Mr. Delahunt negotiated a plea deal with the District Attorney for a wet/reckless, 12 hour DUI class instead of 6 months, and the client was able to retain his driver’s license.




When I got charged with a felony, I was worried that my life would never be the same. Mr. Andrew Delahunt’s expertise and professionalism helped get my life back on track. During the consultation, all my stress felt at ease after Mr....

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Noteworthy cases

San Fernando Courthouse – Manufacturing Oil & Sales of Prescription Drug

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana), §11359 (sales of marijuana), §11379.6(a) (manufacturing of butane honey-oil), and §11351 (sales of a controlled substance). Client was facing several...

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