San Fernando Courthouse – Sales & Transportation of Marijuana

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code 11359 (sales of marijuana) and Health & Safety Code §11360(a) (Transportation of marijuana). Client and co-defendant were driving down Interstate 5 when their vehicle was pulled over by CHP for following too closely to the vehicle in front of them and tinted windows. CHP officers claimed they could smell cannabis so they searched the vehicle and found 10 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. Neither client had a medical marijuana recommendation. Client was represented by a previous attorney who told him he had no option but to plea to a felony, 180 days County Jail, and 3 years formal probation. Two days before client was going to accept the deal, the client retained the Law Office of Andrew Delahunt. Andrew Delahunt appeared at the court date, substituted in as attorney of record, and on the same day negotiated a deal with the District Attorney in which the client can earn a misdemeanor if he completed community service and stays out of trouble for 18 months. Wobbler deal.




When I got charged with a felony, I was worried that my life would never be the same. Mr. Andrew Delahunt’s expertise and professionalism helped get my life back on track. During the consultation, all my stress felt at ease after Mr....

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San Fernando Courthouse – Manufacturing Oil & Sales of Prescription Drug

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana), §11359 (sales of marijuana), §11379.6(a) (manufacturing of butane honey-oil), and §11351 (sales of a controlled substance). Client was facing several...

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