Torrance Courthouse – Vandalism, Assault & Violating Restraining Order

Client was charged with vandalism, assault, and disobeying a restraining order. Client and the alleged victim were fighting over an ex-boyfriend. The alleged victim obtained a restraining order against the client. The client allegedly assaulted the alleged victim on a college campus. Additionally, client disobeyed the restraining order by driving to the alleged victim’s residence and keying her vehicle. While the case is being prosecuted, the client picked up another case for allegedly following the victim in her vehicle and disobeying the restraining order. Prosecution demanded that the client plead guilty to 5 misdemeanors, serve 60 days in the County Jail, pay $3,000 in court fines, and attend 52 weeks of anger management. Andrew Delahunt met with the City Attorney at her office to negotiate the case, after several meetings the City Attorney agreed to 1 misdemeanor count, no fines, no anger management classes, no county jail, and 10 days of beach clean-up.




When I got charged with a felony, I was worried that my life would never be the same. Mr. Andrew Delahunt’s expertise and professionalism helped get my life back on track. During the consultation, all my stress felt at ease after Mr....

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San Fernando Courthouse – Manufacturing Oil & Sales of Prescription Drug

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana), §11359 (sales of marijuana), §11379.6(a) (manufacturing of butane honey-oil), and §11351 (sales of a controlled substance). Client was facing several...

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