Torrance Courthouse – Felony Drug Charges and Return of Property

Client was arrested for felony transportation of marijuana and felony sales of marijuana. The client posted $20,000 in bail. The result of the arrest caused the client to be suspended from his job at the airport until and unless client obtained a complete dismissal. Mr. Delahunt went to court and on the first court appearance Mr. Delahunt received a complete dismissal. Currently, the case is set for a property motion in which Mr. Delahunt is seeking the money, cell phone, and medicine back from the police officers.

Fullerton Courthouse – Battery, Assault and Trespass

Client and co-defendant were accused of going to an apartment uninvited, entered through the front door, and assaulted two minors and an adult. My client was charged with 7 counts of battery, assault, and aggravated trespass. The client attempted to represent himself and the District Attorney asked for 4 convictions, 30 days county jail, and 30 days Cal Trans. Client hired the office and within the first few court appearances the prosecutor refused to change the plea offer. Mr. Delahunt insisted on setting the case for trial and on the morning the trial was supposed to start the District Attorney changed their offer to 1 misdemeanor, no county jail , no Cal Trans, and a $220 fine.

Torrance Courthouse – Petty Theft and Recalled Warrant

Client hired another office back in 2013. According to the client, the client was told that the case has been handled and there is nothing she needs to worry about. Three years later the client applies to become a United States Citizen and as her application was processing her immigration attorney told her she had a warrant for her arrest and her bail was $95,000.00. The client hired Mr. Delahunt and within 2 days Mr. Delahunt recalled the warrant without the client posting bail or being present. Mr. Delahunt then fought the case and rejected several offers from the prosecution based on the fact that the offers carried severe immigration consequences. Eventually, on the eve of trial the prosecutors made and offer that only required a small fine and did not carry immigration consequences.

Pomona Courthouse – Conspiracy to Commit a Felony

Client and 6 co-defendants were charged with felony conspiracy related to gambling. The District Attorney refused to negotiate the case for anything less than a felony. Mr. Delahunt rejected all offers on the case and on the morning of trial the DA moved to dismiss the case. Case dismissed. Penal Code 182.

DMV – Negligent Operator of a Vehicle

Client received 4 points on his DMV record within 12 months and as such he was declared a negligent operator of a vehicle and his license was suspended for 12 months. Mr. Delahunt quickly requested an in-person hearing with the DMV. Mr. Delahunt convinced the DMV hearing officer not to suspend the client’s license, but instead place him on probation. Two months later and while on probation client received another ticket. Mr. Delahunt quickly requested the DMV hearing and fought the ticket by requesting a trial. At the trial, the ticket was dismissed and the DMV could not take any action even though the client was on probation. Client kept his license.

Lancaster Courthouse – Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s executed a search warrant and raided client’s house based on alleged involvement in “narcotic related activity.” Officers searched the house and found a loaded firearm. Client had previously been convicted of a strike and served prison time within the last 5 years. Based on the strike and prison prior client was not eligible for probation and/or county jail. Mr. Delahunt continuously rejected the 32 month prison offer and prepared for trial. Mr. Delahunt met with the head of the District Attorney’s Office and the Judge and convicted them to strike the strike (Romero Motion) for purposes of sentencing. The prosecutor reluctantly agreed and the case was settled for 90 days community service and probation. Penal Code 29800.

El Dorado Courthouse – Sales & Cultivation of Marijuana

El Dorado Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at a residence and found dozens of fully grown marijuana plants and about 40 to 50 pounds of dried product. While serving the warrant police officers ascertained that the client could be responsible for two other marijuana grows at separate residences. Police officers obtained two more search warrants and found hundreds of marijuana plants and another 40 to 50 pounds of product. Client was facing possible felony prosecution. Mr. Delahunt negotiated the case for minor municipal code violations which resulted in a $3,000.00 fine, no probation, no county jail, and no community service.

Airport / LAX Courthouse – Gun Charge

Client took a weekend trip to Vegas with his wife. Unfortunately, the client did not realize he was traveling with a firearm. Once the client went through TSA security the firearm was found in the client’s duffel bag and the client arrested/cited. The client immediately hired the office. Two months before the client’s first court date, Mr. Delahunt contacted the prosecutor’s office to try to explain that this was an innocent mistake. The prosecutor agreed to wait on filing the criminal case until Mr. Delahunt and the client could explain their position in a meeting with the prosecutor. Mr. Delahunt personally met with the prosecutor and convinced him not to file the charge. Preventing the prosecutor from filing the case is better than a dismissal. And this type of case is exactly why you should hire an attorney immediately after being arrested instead of waiting until the court date.

San Bernardino – Sales of Ecstasy

DEA officers conducted an undercover buy of 10 ecstasy pills with client. Client confessed to selling the pills to the agent. Furthermore, client’s person and backpack were searched and agents found an additional 14 pills and cash. Client was arrested, posted $50,000 in bail, and was charged with felony sales and possession for sales of a controlled substance. Client was facing felony convictions, felony formal probation and 365 days in county jail. Mr. Delahunt presented an entrapment defense and other mitigating documents to the District Attorney, which changed their offer to a misdemeanor, non reporting probation, 30 days community service and no custody time.

San Fernando Courthouse – Transportation & Sales of Marijuana

Client was driving down the 5 freeway when police officers detained the vehicle and subsequently searched the car. Officers found 10 pounds of marijuana packaged in one pound bags, which the District Attorney argued was indicative of sales. Police officers also found a scale and over $8,000.00 in cash. Mr. Delahunt convinced the District Attorney that the marijuana was not for sale and the client plead to a misdemeanor and all of the client’s money was returned with interest.

Fullerton Courthouse – Felony Reduction & Termination of Probation

Client was previously represented by an attorney who suggested that he plead guilty to felony sales of marijuana, when the client only had 1 gram of marijuana on his person. The client was convicted of a felony, required to register as a narcotics offender, and three years of formal probation. The client retained Andrew Delahunt after 18 brutal months of formal probation. Mr. Delahunt filed a motion to terminate probation early and expunge the case. The District Attorney’s Office vehemently opposed the motion. Mr. Delahunt asked for a judge’s chambers conference so he could explain the repercussions of the conviction and how it negatively affected his immigration status and status as a college student. Over the District Attorney’s Objection, the judge terminated probation early and expunged the client’s record.

Riverside Courthouse – Marijuana DUI

Client was charged with vehicle code §23152(e), driving under the influence of marijuana. Police responded to a Jack in the Box regarding a male driver who fell asleep in the drive through line just after ordering his food. Officers arrived at the restaurant at 3 a.m. and the client was still sleeping. Officers woke the client up and conducted a DUI investigation. Police Officers searched the client’s vehicle and found a bong (smoking device) that had clearly just been used. Client failed the field sobriety tests, admitted to the police officer that he recently consumed cannabis, and had over 8 nanograms of THC in his system. Mr. Delahunt negotiated a plea deal with the District Attorney for a wet/reckless, 12 hour DUI class instead of 6 months, and the client was able to retain his driver’s license.

Murrieta Courthouse – Possession of Firearm & Drug Charges

Client was charged with 11359 (sales of marijuana), Health & Safety Code §11360(a) (Transportation of marijuana), and possession of a firearm. Client and the co-defendant purchased over 100 pounds of marijuana to an informant who was working with the police department. After conducting the transaction the client drove south on Interstate 15. The officers involved in the undercover buy detained the client’s vehicle and found the 100 pounds, as well as a gun and $30,000. Andrew Delahunt prepared and filed a motion to disclose the informant. The District Attorney feared they would have to disclose the identity of the informant, so they reduced their prison offer to a no time misdemeanor offer, which the client accepted.

San Fernando Courthouse – Sales & Transportation of Marijuana

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code 11359 (sales of marijuana) and Health & Safety Code §11360(a) (Transportation of marijuana). Client and co-defendant were driving down Interstate 5 when their vehicle was pulled over by CHP for following too closely to the vehicle in front of them and tinted windows. CHP officers claimed they could smell cannabis so they searched the vehicle and found 10 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. Neither client had a medical marijuana recommendation. Client was represented by a previous attorney who told him he had no option but to plea to a felony, 180 days County Jail, and 3 years formal probation. Two days before client was going to accept the deal, the client retained the Law Office of Andrew Delahunt. Andrew Delahunt appeared at the court date, substituted in as attorney of record, and on the same day negotiated a deal with the District Attorney in which the client can earn a misdemeanor if he completed community service and stays out of trouble for 18 months. Wobbler deal.

Murrieta Courthouse – Felony Firearm Possession & Cultivation of Marijuana

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana) and Penal Code §29800 felon in possession of a firearm. Police Officers obtained a search warrant to search a ware house suspected of being a large marijuana grow. Police Officers executed the warrant and found several hundred plants of marijuana, large amounts of cash, and my client was found to have a gun in his possession. Client posted $100,000 in bail and immediately retained the Law Office of Andrew Delahunt. Andrew Delahunt prepared a letter for the District Attorney stating all the reasons why the case should not be filed, including the possibility of an illegal search and a medical marijuana defense. Based on the conversations with the District Attorney’s Office, the DA’s Office elected not to pursue charges and instead dismissed the case prior to the client ever having to appear in Court. Case Dismissed.

Westminster Courthouse – Non-Citizen Urinating in Public

Client was charged with misdemeanor Penal Code §374.3(a) (urinating in public). Client was a green card holder and married to a United States Citizen, but did not have his United States Citizenship. A misdemeanor conviction of urinating in public would have resulted in the client being deported. The City Attorney refused to amend/change the complaint or reduce the charges to a non-deportable offense. Fearing for his client’s ability to remain in the United States, Andrew Delahunt prepared for trial. On the eve of trial Andrew Delahunt was able to negotiate with the senior City Attorney to obtain an infraction and a small fine, which did not impact the client’s immigration status.

Torrance Courthouse – Vandalism, Assault & Violating Restraining Order

Client was charged with vandalism, assault, and disobeying a restraining order. Client and the alleged victim were fighting over an ex-boyfriend. The alleged victim obtained a restraining order against the client. The client allegedly assaulted the alleged victim on a college campus. Additionally, client disobeyed the restraining order by driving to the alleged victim’s residence and keying her vehicle. While the case is being prosecuted, the client picked up another case for allegedly following the victim in her vehicle and disobeying the restraining order. Prosecution demanded that the client plead guilty to 5 misdemeanors, serve 60 days in the County Jail, pay $3,000 in court fines, and attend 52 weeks of anger management. Andrew Delahunt met with the City Attorney at her office to negotiate the case, after several meetings the City Attorney agreed to 1 misdemeanor count, no fines, no anger management classes, no county jail, and 10 days of beach clean-up.

Airport/LAX Courthouse – Sales of Marijuana to Undercover Officer

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11359 (sales of marijuana) and Health & Safety Code §11360(a) (Transportation of marijuana). Client posted an ad on Craig’s List “selling marijuana to qualified medical patients.” An undercover police officer responded to the post. Client and undercover officer emailed back and forth agreeing to meet up at a local fast food restaurant. Client conducted the transaction with the undercover officer and was immediately arrested by a team of police officers. Andrew Delahunt was able to negotiate with the District Attorney to obtain a misdemeanor conviction that the District Attorney agreed to dismiss after 12 months of probation and 10 days of community service.

Fullerton Courthouse – Vandalism of a Vehicle

Client was charged with Penal Code §594 – vandalism of a vehicle. Client was accused of keying a neighbor’s vehicle. Police officers responded to the apartment complex in which the alleged vandalism took place. Police officers interviewed several witnesses and the client’s daughter, whom stated that they observed the client key the vehicle. Andrew Delahunt took the case to trial and forced the District Attorney to dismiss the case. Case Dismissed.

Lancaster Courthouse – Marijuana DUI

Client was charged with Vehicle Code §23152(e) – driving under the influence of marijuana. Client was represented by a previous attorney who told him he would have to take a deal and plea to either a DUI or wet/reckless. The client retained the Law Office of Andrew Delahunt and within three appearances the District Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss for lack of sufficient evidence. Case Dismissed

Lancaster Courthouse – Sales of Marijuana

Client was charged §11359 (sales of marijuana). Client was parked in a vehicle with several friends smoking cannabis. Sherriff Officer’s detained the occupants and searched the vehicle. Officers found several ounces broken down into grams and eighths, as well as a scale, money, and incriminating text messages in the client’s phone supporting the allegation of sales. Client did not have a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor. Andrew Delahunt was able to negotiate with the District Attorney for a community service misdemeanor plea with no probation.

San Fernando Courthouse – Manufacturing Oil & Sales of Prescription Drug

Client was charged with Health & Safety Code §11358 (cultivation of marijuana), §11359 (sales of marijuana), §11379.6(a) (manufacturing of butane honey-oil), and §11351 (sales of a controlled substance). Client was facing several years of prison time. The client, co-defendant, and other witnesses made incriminating statements that resulted in the client being precluded from raising a medical marijuana defense. Additionally, client had incriminating text messages in his phone corroborating the prosecution’s allegations of sales. The Law Office of Andrew Delahunt researched, drafted, and filed a motion to quash and traverse the search warrant, arguing that the affiant lied about the probable cause supporting the search warrant. Instead of responding to the motion, the District Attorney’s Office withdrew their prison offer and offered a community service/probation deal, which the client eagerly accepted.