As a criminal defense attorney Mr. Delahunt has devoted his entire legal career to defending people accused of crimes. As an experienced attorney, Mr. Delahunt understands that being accused of a crime can be a daunting experience and works to educate his clients on potential outcomes, keep the client informed on the status of the case, and show compassion to his clients and their families. Below are first-hand stories of how Mr. Delahunt helped his past clients to understand and trust the process in order to get the best outcome possible.

Sales and Transportation of Drugs, Controlled Substances & Prescriptions and Possession of a Firearm Read testimonial

Torrance Courthouse

I hired Andrew to take care of my case. Everyone told me I was going to do jail time for my specific situation, but somehow Andrew got me off with just community service and rehab. The whole time he kept great communication, and kept me in the loop as too what to expect. God forbid I need legal assistance in the future but if I need any I am defiantly calling Andrew Delahunt.

Child Abuse Read testimonial

Westminster Courthouse


I cannot recommend Andrew enough!!! He was so thorough and responsive to all our questions!!! I had such peace of mind knowing that Andrew was on our side. He explained the process and everything went exactly as he had predicted it would. He is so knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients!!! 5 stars for sure!


DUI Read testimonial

Pomona Courthouse

Attorney Andrew Delahunt represented me on a serious legal issue. His calm demeanor made me feel very comfortable with him. My legal rights and options were well laid out for me and in the end, I ended my legal problem with unbelievable success. His fees were affordable and I highly recommend him.


Multiple Counts of Robbery, False Imprisonment, & Kidnapping Read testimonial

Airport Courthouse

Andrew Delahunt is an amazing lawyer!
A professional who has your best interest in mind, he was very attentive and always available. He is a true humanist, a very well-connected lawyer and he will study your case tirelessly. He will put in time and make it possible to get you the results you want. I got even better news than I expected. He is extremely capable and honest. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would 100% recommend. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares for his clients. Without a doubt he is the best lawyer! I will always be grateful for having Andrew as my lawyer.
I am amazed at how hard-working and dedicated he is, I am completely confident that Andrew will be your best attorney. 10/10 recommend!! Thank you Andrew!!!

DUI Read testimonial

Metropolitan Courthouse – Downtown Los Angeles

First time getting a DUI. When I was first stopped it was very stressful, wasn’t sure how to get help or where, luckily I was referred to Andrew. He took care of all the court dates, stayed in communication with me every time and updating me with my case. Being the first time ever getting into any trouble with the law, I thought that the process would be a lot more complicated and expensive. It wasn’t. Already shared with other people who have had a DUI before and they have been surprised at how it all turned out for me. Very grateful and would recommend Andrew to anyone with a criminal case.

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