As a criminal defense attorney Mr. Delahunt has devoted his entire legal career to defending people accused of crimes. As an experienced attorney, Mr. Delahunt understands that being accused of a crime can be a daunting experience and works to educate his clients on potential outcomes, keep the client informed on the status of the case, and show compassion to his clients and their families. Below are first-hand stories of how Mr. Delahunt helped his past clients to understand and trust the process in order to get the best outcome possible.

Out of State Warrant / Extradition / Gun Charge Read testimonial

Ukiah Courthouse

I hired Mr. Delahunt recently for my case and being new to this whole process I was a bit nervous but Andrew made everything very smooth and understandable. I had two felony charges and caught with a warrant out for my arrest. Andrew was able to get one of my charges dropped and the other down to a misdemeanor which I couldn’t be more grateful for.
Andrew and his office we’re very understanding with how difficult it is to pay for all of the expenses and are working very well with me to make and payment plan.
I had many questions and concerns during this whole process but Andrew help me understand everything clearly which made me a lot comfortable with the situation. He is also easy to contact whenever needed and gets back to you in a timely manner.
This would have been a much more stressful situation without Mr. Delahunt and I have no regrets choosing him as my lawyer. Thank you Andrew!


DUI Read testimonial

Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse

Mr. Delahunt was hired as my attorney for my first DUI case. He was referred by a fellow co worker. Immediately he reached out and we were able to meet up to follow the next steps as needed. I knew he would be the perfect candidate to represent me. He has always been so thorough with everything, that sometimes I didn’t even have questions. Hands down, he made me feel like I was covered on everything I needed to know. I would most definitely recommend Andrew Delahunt.


Manufacturing of Drugs Read testimonial

San Fernando Courthouse

Andrew is a sharp attorney with an in-depth understanding of the modern law… Any question about my case that I asked was answered to the furthest extent of his knowledge, and in full honesty without a sense of beating around the bush. He is a known individual at the courthouse which I believe helped in the plea deal process… it seems as if he spent a lot of time researching and educating himself on old/new/developing laws, and I would recommend him to represent anybody seeking an efficient & effective attorney.


Sales of Controlled Substance Read testimonial

San Fernando Courthouse

Mr. De La Hunt has been very professional. We hired him for a criminal case, which had a positive outcome. He reduced a sentence of a felony to a misdemeanor. We are very pleased and thankful for his service and great communication. He was very understanding and helpful.


Expungement Read testimonial


I hired andrew delahunt as my personal lawyer to get a misdemeanor dismissed off my record. Andrew met with me personally to discuss my case & answer all my questions. He was very quick to reply each time I contacted him. I highly recommend Andrew Delahunt for his legal expertise!! Today I was notified my MOTION WAS GRANTED!!
case dismissed!!

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